Off the Beaten Path: Exploring Ludhiana's Unexpected Delights

One of India’s main cities, Ludhiana is also the largest city in north India and the state of Punjab. The UK BBC referred to the city as “India’s Manchester.” Like every other Indian city, Ludhiana has a rich past that captures modern-day India with its most recent developments in technology and industry.

There are many locations to visit in Ludhiana which are easily appealing to tourists due to the city’s abundance of landmarks, modern culture, and traditional Punjabi cuisine. In this post we will acknowledge all popular places near ludhiana with distance mentioned.

Gurudwara Charan Kamal

Numerous Gurudwaras may be found in Ludhiana. Gurudwara Charan Kamal, one of them, is situated in the village of Machhiwara and is very significant to the people of Ludhiana. According to legend, Guru Gobind Singh took a nap while fighting the Mughals secretly, dozing off after drinking some water from the pond. This shrine is a magnificent illustration of Sikh construction.

The yearly festival conducted in December to commemorate the assembling of this shrine is the ideal time to visit this Gurudwara. People come to this fair from all parts of the neighboring states. You must go there to receive blessings and experience the serenity that this Gurudwara emits.

Distance From Ludhiana: 10.2 km

Phillaur Fort

At Phillaur, Sher Shah Suri built a Serai that Shah Jahan afterward transformed into a military fort and a post office and later utilized by the British as a component of the military camp. The majestic Phillaur Fort was built with a distinctively European aesthetic by the Italian and French generals of the Maharaja. It contains a sizable moat, and its exterior walls serve as a line of defense against attacks. The 200-year-old fort is a Fingerprint Bureau and a police training facility.

Distance From Ludhiana: 8.2 km

Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum

The Punjab Government built the Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum in 1999 to honor the warriors and inform the public about their contribution to national defense. This museum, which bears Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s name, welcomes visitors with a statue of the monarch seated on a throne. Twelve galleries make up the museum, and each one features a distinct theme, such as ancient history, post-independence, military heroes, Air Force, or Navy. Don’t overlook the nightly light and sound display, which is scheduled. Visit this museum if you wish to learn about India’s past.

Distance From Ludhiana: 7.4 km

Tiger Zoo

Tiger Zoo is ideal for a weekend break with friends and relatives if you enjoy going on animal safaris and hiking. This 25-acre park, founded in 1993, is a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts thanks to its diverse flora and fauna and views of creatures like black deer, Sambhar, rabbits, and peacocks. Choose an adventurous safari to witness gorgeous tigers roaming freely in forest reserves.

Tiger Safari Ludhiana has made all necessary arrangements to ensure the visitors’ security. A private company has been given the contract by the Wild Life Department to manage the safari trip. This business owns two buses. A second bus begins its search if the first one does not arrive back within ten minutes. When an animal becomes ill, zoo veterinarians are contacted right away.

The tigers frequently sit slowly and have distant expressions on their faces. A bell is rung at five o’clock. The Tigers are currently eating dinner. They are directed to the room where they are imprisoned till midnight by the smells of meat. On Mondays, while safari is closed, the two drinking establishments are cleaned. Countless peacocks are active at the zoo’s entrance.

Distance From Ludhiana: 8.9 km

Nehru Rose Garden

One of the biggest rose gardens in Asia, it was founded in 1967 and spanned a 30-acre area with more than 1,600 different rose types. Visit this location when it hosts its annual Rose Festival. The garden’s expansive lawns are the ideal location for a picnic. Water features that are accompanied by music and colorful lighting draw a lot of tourists. For early-morning joggers and walkers, it is a utopia. The planetarium at the entry, the boat rides in the man-made pool, and the small zoo are additional attractions in this garden. It is a great location for people of all ages.

Distance From Ludhiana: 4.3 km

Lodhi Fort

Built by Muslim king Sikander Lodhi about 500 years ago, Lodhi Fort, known locally as Purana Qila or Old Fort, was the pride of Ludhiana. Many travelers come to this magnificent castle to take in its timeless beauty, fantastic architecture, lush green surroundings, and breathtaking views of the Satluj river.

The fort was built as a military fort to prevent invaders from entering the city. Despite its deterioration over time, the fort is nevertheless a fantastic sight that reflects on the significant history of our forefathers. Originally housed on the fort campus, the Government Institute of Textile Chemistry and Knitting Technology has since relocated to Z-Block, Rishi Nagar, Ludhiana.

Distance From Ludhiana: 5.0 km

Best time to visit

October to March

Winter season between October to March are the ideal time to visit Ludhiana. This time of year has quite beautiful weather that is ideal for outdoor activities. Extreme summer and winter temperatures make Ludhiana’s climate challenging to live in. From mid-April to mid-july is the summer season, and during this time the days are rather hot.
Nearby Hotels to stay

Nearby hotels to stay

1. Park Plaza, Ludhiana

2. Hotel The Retro Regency

3. FabHotel K9

4. Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana

List of Things to carry

  • Power bank for devices
  • Ultralight day pack
  • Travel first aid kit
  • Hand sanitizer
  • A vaccine card protector
  • Small portable cooler
  • Anti-theft backpack

Unique Food Options

  • Parantha
  • Golgappe
  • Pakodas
  • Chaap tikka
  • Kulcha

Final Words

In India, one of the oldest ancient cities in Ludhiana. Cities like Ludhiana demonstrate the seamless integration of modern and traditional India. The city shows the Sikh religion’s culture and history on one side and the contemporary growth of India on the other.

When traveling to the state of Punjab, Ludhiana is a must-visit city because of both factors combined. So, act quickly and arrange a trip to Punjab for your upcoming vacation. We hope you must have acknowledged everything regarding all popular places near ludhiana with distance mentioned.


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