Nagpur: Where Tigers Rule and Culture Booms

Nagpur is a small city in the heart of India. There are very few options to roam around if you compare it with big cities like Bangalore, Mumbai Pune etc. Still, Nagpur has a few places which you can visit like Futala lake, gorewada lake, bal udyaan, Diksha Bhoomi, fun n food water and amusement park, ambazari garden, the iconic zero miles, and the diamond crossing. Popular shopping spot is sitabuldi for the standard crowd, but if you want to buy it at wholesale rate flock to Tiwari market, it is a paradise for shopping, u get everything here at cheap rates. Nagpur also has some good fine dining restaurants like hotel airport centre point, le meridian, the very famous Radisson blu, and naivedhyaam. Nagpur is the house of haldirams, it all started here, and the owner still lives in Nagpur in wardhaman Nagar. Here are some beautiful places to visit.

Seminary Hill

It is a good place to start your tour of Nagpur. Once you reach the height of the hill, which is simply half a dozen metric linear units far away from the city’s northwest, you may be awe-struck by the breathless read of Nagpur. Capitol Hill is known as when St. Charles’s seminary. The Japanese garden at the foothills and also the Satpura installation on Capitol Hill attract tourists in nice numbers. You’d love the trek on the luxurious foliage enjoying the position of the environment. Walking ways build it simple for you to climb up and thence you’re aiming to get pleasure from each minute of your journey to the highest of Capitol Hill.

Nagzira life

The Sanctuary is located within the Satpura chain. It’s divided into recent Nagzira and new Nagzira and each entertains you with made life. Expedition rides take you to each recent and new Nagzira and it’s best to book your rides from Pithezari Gate. All gates do provide to book tickets however they’re too far off. A number of the animals found here embody tiger, leopard, hyena, langur, sambur and wild boars. The sanctuary attracts bird watchers too as there are over one hundred sixty species of birds here together with grey gallinacean, crested serpent eagle, golden-backed pisiform bird and grey sea eagle.


History lovers are certain to be offended to examine Markanda, a town, currently in ruins. Situated on Wainganga watercourse banks, the city is believed to possess got its name from Sage Markandeya. The positioning had twenty-four temples in the past out of that solely eighteen temples exist and solely four are in shape. The fact that the temples realize mentioned within the epics Ramayana and religious texts, highlight how ancient the temples are and their historical importance. The paintings and sculptures found in Markanda are superb.

Khindsi Lake

The picturesque lake offers superb water sports activities. The seafaring activities here are thus fantastic that they realize mentioned within the LIMCA Book of Records as India’s biggest seafaring centre. With over fifty styles of boats here, you’ll be able to make a chooseedal boats to houseboats. You’ll be able to conjointly go climbing and trekking on Capitol Hill.

Sitabuldi Fort

Which lies on 2 hillocks, is witness to ferociously fought battles and cruel killings. The fort engineered by a British officer at the time of war was attacked by Appa Sahib’s forces. The war was ultimately complete once the British inundated Appa Sahib’s army. Following the success, the British regenerate the structure into a formidable fort. It had been here that nabob Kadar Ali, the grandchild of yellow jacaranda swayer was hanged at the side of eight aides for fighting the British.


The tiny low city in Nagpur, attracts Hindu pilgrims in nice numbers because it homes associated ancient temple of Lord Rama. It’s the same that this was wherever Rama halted once he went into exile together with his married person and brother. The twenty-seven Brahmanical-style temple at the highest of Capitol Hill attracts everybody United Nations agency visits the place. Ramtek has one more historic importance. It had been here that author Kalidasa wrote the renowned ‘Meghdoot’.

Dragon Palace Buddhist Temple

A visit to Dragon palace Buddhist Temple which is additionally known as the ‘Lotus Temple of Nagpur’ would be an excellent supply of inspiration for people who have a keen eye for design. Covering a sprawling ten acres of land, the temple attracts you initially sight. The temple was engineered by Mother Noriko Ogawa Society, Japan and inaugurated in 1999. The idol of Buddha within the temple is taken into account to be etched off one wooden block. The luxurious gardens and also the serene atmosphere elevate your spirits.


Menagerie Maharajbagh Zoo is in the city’s center. Engineered on the gardens of the rulers of the eighteenth century, the menagerie attracts nature lovers and life enthusiasts. The picturesque garden could be a treat to your eyes and also the views from here are gorgeous. The menagerie homes rare wild animals that are hardly found in different elements of the country. The installation here is equally spectacular. This is the seasoning garden that offers you associate insight into the curative powers of herbs.

With a play space for kids within the menagerie, the place could be a good vacation destination for families.

Rose Garden

On the foothills of Seminary Hill lies the renowned rose Garden. The place is an associate absolute delight for nature lovers because the garden is jam-packed with stunning roses in numerous colours, and tall trees associated with an ocean of inexperienced bushes everyplace. The iron structures highlight the influence of Japanese design. Birdwatchers will have an excellent time too because the garden attracts a large variety of birds. Rose Garden could be a good spot to possess a feel of contemporary air and luxuriate in the huge fantastic thing about nature. Mankind, since the same; the efforts of man are invariably spectacular however nature’s works are the simplest. Nagpur, with its picturesque landscape and formidable forts, are simple proof of the United Nations agency reigns supreme.

Final words

Nagpur throws a right hook for any tourist seeking a unique Indian adventure. Nicknamed the “Tiger Capital of India,” Nagpur is the gateway to the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, where these magnificent creatures roam free. But Nagpur offers more than just jungle thrills.

Steeped in history, Nagpur boasts the Nagpur Central Museum, showcasing the region’s rich archaeological and cultural heritage. Foodies will love Nagpur’s street food scene, where crispy samosas and flavorful curries tantalize taste buds. For a spiritual experience, head to the serene Sitabuldi Buddha Vihar, a majestic Buddhist temple complex.

Nagpur isn’t just a stop on the way to somewhere else; it’s a destination packed with wildlife encounters, cultural immersion, and delicious food


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