Gujarat is frequently referred to as the land of celebrations, and its residents certainly know how to enjoy every moment. The numerous festivals throughout the year serve as the most beautiful showcases of the state’s rich traditions and culture.

The state comes to life with men sporting the brightest turbans and women gyrating joyfully to the catchiest tunes in their sequin lehengas. In this post we will acknowledge the 8 most popular festivals in gujarat.

1) Navratri

When we think of Gujarat, the first few items that come to mind are Garba and Navratri. One of the most popular holidays involves worshiping Goddess Durga for nine days before submerging her idol in holy water on the tenth day. These ten days are jam-packed with competitions, flea markets, exhibitions, dance and music performances, and savory foods.

During Gujarat’s Navratri, you will experience loud music, thrilling competitions, flea markets & exhibitions, mouthwatering cuisine, and sizable crowds wearing the most stunning, vibrant clothing.

When Celebrated: October and November.

Location: All Over Gujarat

What To Expect : Dandiya, Garba , and Good Food

2) Rann Utsav

One of the well-known Gujarati festivals, Rann Utsav, or even the Kutch Festival, is run by Gujarat tourism. The festival offers visitors a chance to discover some of the state’s unusual tourist destinations. The Kutch Festival honors the vibrant Indian state with cultural events, cuisine fiestas, artisan exhibitions, wildlife, adventure sports, and more.

One can have the unique experience of sleeping in tents among the wide desert during this festival, which is organized & celebrated just at Great Rann of Kutch, which is stretched over an area of around 7500 square kilometers.

When Celberated: November – February

Location: Rann of Kutch

What To Expect : Scintillating music, adventure activities, folk dances and music.

3) Uttarayan

Additional name: Makar Sankranti One of Gujarat’s most important holidays, Uttarayan, is held in honor of the Sun God. Gujarat’s harvest festival is another name for the period whenever the harvest season officially kicks off with the summer solstice.

People visit the renowned patang bazaar days before the celebration to purchase various kites. In addition to purchasing pre-made kites, they create original designs to adorn the skies on the festival day. In Gujarat, Makar Sankranti is also known as the Kite Festival due to the popularity of kite flying during this festival.

When Celberated: January

Location: Ahmedabad

What To Expect: Flying kits, delicious Gujarati food.

4) Shamlaji Melo

One of Gujarat’s most important yearly festivals, Shamlaji Melo, is observed with a lot of fanfare. Gujarati and Rajasthani people assemble at the Holy Shamlaji shrine to celebrate the festival by dancing to traditional tunes and bathing in the revered Meshwo river. Many indigenous people are in attendance, as well as devotees who have strong confidence in Shamlaji, the day of Karthik Purnima.

When Celberated: Karthik Purnima

Location: Aravalli District, Gujarat

What To Expect: Worshipping the Shamlaji & bathing in the Meshwo River

5) Modhera Dance Festival

Gujarat’s Modhera Dance Festival is about showcasing the Solanki era’s Golden Age through music, dance, & culture. The well-known sun temple in Gujarat hosts the modhera dance event. The event, as its name implies, is all about festivity through dance, music, and art to showcase the culture of the Solanki era’s Golden Age. Local talent displays a range of distinctive Gujarati traditional dance styles. The distinctive Gujarati traditional dance styles on display at this event transport you back in time and are entertaining.

When Celberated: January

Location: Modhera Sun Temple

What To Expect: Classical Indian Music

6) Janmashtami

The festival of Janmashtami honors Lord Shiva and is a time when Gujarat and the rest of the globe commemorates his birth. The festivities start a day earlier with a religious fast, followed by jhanki decorations depicting Lord Krishna’s full birth story.

The last celebrations get underway whenever the lord is thought to have been born at midnight. His idol is outfitted in fresh clothing and jewelry, washed with Ganga Jal, honey, & panchamrit, and then laid out on the flower bed. People break their fast and pray to the idol the following day. Janmashtami is the finest time to explore numerous sites in Gujarat because the city is wonderfully decked and lit.

When Celberated: August

Location: Dwarka

What To Expect: Dahi Handis & Enjoying Smacking Food

7) Vautha Mela

Apart from the Navratri festival, Vautha is among the most important festivals in Gujarat. As the location of the confluence of the seven holy rivers, Vautha is not just a fair for the Gujaratis; it is also a more religious celebration than Diwali.

In the Gujarati village of Vautha, devotees come from all over the nation to celebrate the holiday and take part in the fair. As strange as it sounds, many camels and donkeys at the fair have been decorated with costumes, decorations, and paint.

When Celberated: During Kartika Purnima

Location: Vautha

What To Expect: Trading camels and donkeys and buying authentic handicraft items.

8) Bhavnath Mahadev Fair

The Bhavnath Mahadev Fair, a Gujarati event held during Mahashivratri in February and dedicated to Lord Shiva, lasts five days. The fair’s affiliated festivities are filled with vibrant colors. It’s not unusual to see beautifully dressed elephants.

The organizers of this fair provide complimentary meals to the attendees. There are designated stalls were idols, saris from Ayodhya & Mathura, brass and copper utensils, sweets, and fruits are sold. Performances of dance and music serve as an event’s capper. One of Gujarat’s busiest festivals is this one.

When Celberated: February

Location: Junagarh, Gujarat

What To Expect: Amazing Food, Music And Dance Performances

Final Words

Gujarat is your place if cultural and traditional events are your thing. Rituals, religious and amusing music and dance performances, regional cuisine, and handcrafted goods are all at Gujarati festivals. Visit Gujarat to take part in the festivities, relax, and inhale spirituality in the air. We hope you must have acknowledged all the 8 most popular festivals in gujarat.