Girnar, The Pilgrimage of Devotees

Girnar, also known as Girirnagar (‘city on the hill’) and Revatak Parvata, is present in Junagadh town and district in south-western Gujarat, India. In Girnar, you will see the subtle balance between the fine golden-brown sand and the lush green. The place includes a group of mountains that are older than the Himalayas. It is the best place for trekkers and nature lovers because of the hills leading up to marvellous views.

Moreover, it is a hub for religious devotees, especially Hindus and Jains, because there are over 866 temples present in that area. The place is sacred by both Hindus and Jain devotees, especially at festivals like Girnar Parikrama and Maha Shivratri. Therefore, it is a centre of religious activities and a retreat for trekkers. A trip to Girnar will give you an incredible experience, and to know more about Girnar, you must continue reading.

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Girnar Parvat Mythology

Girnar is a place that has a rich history and an exciting story. The story says that once, there was a mighty Yavana warrior, Kalayavana, who was drawn to a cave by Lord Krishna. When he went in, he saw Muchukunda, one of the forefathers of Lord Rama, sleeping in that cave. Muchukunda had received the boon that whoever wakes him will be burnt to ashes because he helped Devas win against Asuras. But Kalayavana didn’t know anything about the boon and accidentally made him awake, and after that, turned to ashes.

What Is The Best Time to Visit Girnar Parvat?

If you are thinking about having a trip to Girnar, you must plan it for winter. Temperatures in Girnar during the winter season remain in the range of 20 degrees to 28 degrees. Therefore, it is the correct season to visit Girnar because temperatures are low, and explorers do not feel fatigued while roaming. Moreover, festivals like Girnar Parikrama Festival and the Bhavnath Fair happen in January and February.

Winters are also suitable for trekkers to visit because it takes several hours to complete the trek, and you need to start the hike at dawn. Therefore, it is better to trek in winter so that you don’t go through dehydration and can complete the trek without any problem.

However, if you like greenery and want to enjoy nature’s beauty, you can plan your trip for July and September. Monsoons are moderate in Girnar, but you should keep in mind that rain may delay your plans. Moreover, trekking is slightly tricky during monsoon due to rain, and landslides may also happen.

You can also plan your trip during April and June, ensure that you are carrying adequate water and keep yourself hydrated throughout the trek or even roaming. Also, you should start the hike very early if you want to reach the summit before the sun starts beating down with its full might. But, in these months, you get the plus point of having a lesser number of people.

Girnar Parikrama

Girnar Parikrama is a religious standpoint where many people from all over the country visit without thinking about the weather conditions or the crowd. It is a massive annual event for Hindus, and they come here to seek blessings at the temples during the Parikrama. They plan it as per the Hindu calendar. It happens in the month of Kartik, from the 11th to the 15th. A devotee will start from Bhavnath and move to Zina Bawa Ni Madhi, approximately 12 km away. After 8km, he will reach Malvela, and again he will be at Bordevi. The last tour is 8km from Bordevi back to Bhavnath.

Sunrise And Sunset Views of Girnar

If you love to watch the sunrise and sunset, you must plan a trip to Girnar because you can enjoy watching sunrise and sunset from almost every location. Also, nearly every hotel at Girnar will give you a separate balcony from where you can have your alone time away from crowds and whatnot.

You watch a beautiful sunset from the steps of Girnar hills. However, you must pick the time of 4 to 5 PM to thoroughly enjoy and experience the evening.

The Most Peaceful Place in Girnar - Dattatreya Maharaj Temple.

To experience the natural calmness, you should have a short trip to the Dattatreya Maharaj Temple. It is a place where you will feel the cold wind coming to you and find your inner peace. Also, it is better to know that you can’t take any photos or videos there because they don’t allow you to do so. It is another reason that will connect you to nature and peace.

How To Reach Girnar?

By Air – Girnar Parbat is 5 km away from Junagadh, and you can easily visit there from various parts of the country. At 40 km, you will reach the nearest airport, known as Keshod Airport. Also, you can easily take a cab or bus to the airport to get to Girnar Parvat. Another airport is at 100 km, known as Rajkot Airport, which connects with most Indian cities.

By Rail – If a person is thinking about taking a train to reach Girnar, he must know that he needs to deboard for the nearest railway station at Junagadh. It will take only a few minutes from the railway station to get to Girnar. Also, travelling by road is convenient as many transport options are available for a traveller. The streets are pretty lovely, which makes travelling comfortable and fun.

Final words

Girnar is a place where you can connect to yourself, relax, and enjoy yourself. However, you may find it is not the most popular place, but it is a beautiful tourist destination worth your visit. You will get to explore hidden destinations and find unique things to do in Girnar.


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