Imperial history coexists with modern, cosmopolitan influences in Hyderabad. The city has several impressive historical landmarks, as well as expansive landscapes and cutting-edge entertainment venues. While there is certainly no shortage of attractions or things to do in and around the city of Hyderabad itself, there are also many more exciting destinations within a day’s drive.

Waterfalls, hill stations, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, and dams are all within driving distance of the city. These well-known destinations outside of Hyderabad are a reflection of the city’s rich history and culture.

Vikarabad's Ananthagiri Hills

Vikarabad's Ananthagiri Hills, Hyderabad

Ananthagiri Hills is a favourite destination for hikers and campers alike, and it is widely considered to be one of the best spots to visit outside of Hyderabad. As one of the most well-liked picnic areas close to Hyderabad, it attracts many day-trippers from the capital city.

The caverns, temples, and forts that dot this oldest of the state’s hill towns date back to prehistoric times. The drive to the hill station is a beautiful one, perfect for a family day. The Musi River originates on Ananthagiri Hill, which is located on the eastern ghat.

Yadadri (Yadagirigutta)

Yadadri, Hyderabad

Located less than 100 kilometres from Hyderabad, Yadagirigutta / Yadadri is a well-known Hindu pilgrimage site. Dedicated to the god Lakshmi NarasimhaSwamy, the majestic temple can be seen on a nearby hill.

The temple holds a special place in the hearts of Lord Vishnu worshippers. It is one of the most often visited temples in the Hyderabad area because of its beautiful design and peaceful environment. The golden Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Vishnu is a prized possession, and it serves to adorn the temple.

From the peak of the hill, you have spectacular views of the lush landscape. Yadadri is a wonderful spot to relax while hearing the stories and myths that surround the temple.

The Fort of Bhongir in Bhuvanagiri

The Fort Of Bhongir In Bhuvanagiri, Hyderabad

Bhongir Fort is an impressive fortress built in the 10th century atop a solitary rock. The fort covers 40 acres and sits atop a hill that is 500 feet above the surrounding landscape. It is located less than 100 kilometres from Hyderabad.

The stunning array of historical displays, such as the armoury, stables, and trap doors, are also on display. The fort is a popular starting point for those interested in trekking. Road tripping to Bhongir Fort is a fantastic experience for history buffs, adrenaline junkies, and eco-tourists of any stripe.

Sri VidyaSaraswathiShaneeshwara Temple

Sri Vidya Saraswathi Shaneeshwara Temple, Hyderabad

Locals often call Sri VidyaSaraswathiShaneeshwara Temple by its other name, WargalSaraswati Temple. The temple, dedicated to Saraswati, was built on a hilltop in 1998, and it has since become a popular destination for residents who want to perform Aksharabhyasam (rituals connected to the education and careers of their children).

It’s one of the most well-liked tourist destinations within 50 kilometres of Hyderabad. Several more Hindu temples, such as those to Shani, Ganapati, and Shiva, can be found in the area surrounding the WargalSaraswati temple.

It’s an excellent place to take photographs because of the stunning views of the valley and rock formations that surround the temple. NityaAnnadanam (the complimentary meal served to all devotees) is a must-eat when on temple grounds.

Temple of Sri Rama Chandra at Ammapalli

Temple Of Shree Rama Chandra At Ammapalli

In the little town of Ammapalli, some 30 kilometres from Hyderabad, sits the old Sri Rama Chandra Temple, a Hindu place of worship. It is estimated that the temple itself is 800 years old, while the Ramayana-era idols of Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana date back another 100 years or so.

The Havelis of Rajasthan served as an inspiration for the temple’s distinctive design. All of the idols’ singular rock-piece construction is another distinctive feature. The GaliGopuram towers 80 feet above the ground and is the entrance to the temple’s oldest section, the sanctum sanctorum.

Medak Dam, also known as the Singur Dam

Medak Dam, Hyderabad

Located on the Manjeera River, not far from Hyderabad, Singur Dam serves as an irrigation and power generation facility. The deep reservoir provides a natural home for a variety of fauna, including avian and reptilian species like crocodiles.

The dam is a sanctuary for ecotourists, with breathtaking vistas of the untouched landscape. Between the months of October and February, bird watchers are treated to a spectacular display as migratory birds congregate at the reservoir. It’s one of the most popular day trip destinations in the area.

Even though there aren’t many restaurants or food stands in the area, locals like spending time at the dam relaxing with their families and having homemade meals. Recreational activities at the Singur Dam include fishing, motor-boating, and kayaking. It’s the perfect site for a tranquil sunset for two people in love.

Kulpakji Jain Mandir

Kulpakji Jain Mandir, Hyderabad

Photo by @Aler

Located in the little town of Kolanupaka, less than a hundred kilometres from Hyderabad is the old Kulpakji Jain Mandir. This temple of Lord Mahavira is around two centuries old. The Swetambara Jains of southern India visit the temple frequently because of its religious significance.

The temple is a masterpiece of red sandstone construction and white marble inlay and sculpture. However, the temple was in ruins until the late 20th century, when it underwent a major renovation that brought back the original idol of Lord Adinath, according to devotees. Those who visit the temple now can admire the stunning statues of the deities Lord Rishabha, Lord Neminath, and Lord Mahavir.

Rachakonda Fort

Rachakonda Fort, Hyderabad

Rachakonda Fort, built in the 14th century and featuring Hindu architecture, may be found less than 100 kilometres from the nation’s capital. It is among the most popular and adventurous tourist places near Hyderabad.

You can go hiking in the hills around the fort and get some great views of the wonderful landscape. There are 2.5 million-year-old rocks in the area, as well as the remnants of a well-organized ancient Hindu city. Fans of history and the great outdoors will find it to be a wonderful picnic and exploration destination.

Final Words

These hidden treasures provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and are perfect for creating lasting memories with loved ones, especially young children. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there are plenty of great day trip options within driving distance.

One can indulge in thrilling pursuits like hiking, birdwatching, extreme water sports, paragliding, sightseeing at world-famous landmarks near hyderabad, taking in live local music and dance performances, or even just having a picnic with the family.


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