In Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur, once known as Kanhapur, is a bustling city along the banks of the Ganges River. This bustling city is establishing as North India’s premier industrial and financial hub. It is known as a growing city for its gardens and colonial architecture. Additionally well-known are it’s textile and leather industries.

With a sneak peek into the city, we provide a list of tempting weekend getaways from Kanpur for those who reside there or intend to visit. Take a break from the city to see some of the most alluring places, which only require 2-3 days of your time. Our recommendations are ideal, whether it’s a trip with family, friends, or even a significant other. In this post we will acknowledge all popular places near Kanpur.

Moti Jheel

Moti Jheel, encircled by Moti Park and built during the British colonial era, is a beloved recreation area and one of the top attractions in Kanpur. The ‘jheel’ or lake’s banks have been rebuilt to function as both a reservoir and a beautiful outing location. On weekends and holidays, picnics & family get-togethers are held in this peaceful area of nature hidden from the bustle of urban areas. Harsh Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh – 20801 is the location of the picturesque lake and the lush park that surrounds it.

The rectangular lake, previously known as Septic Tank, was constructed during the British Raj as a drinking water reservoir for the Kanpur Waterworks. Later, as a significant urban planning effort by the city government, it was developed as a public space and recreational area, with just a planted garden and a children’s park. It is bordered on one side by the Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital complex and the other by several significant Kanpur Municipal Corporation (Kanpur Municipal Corporation) structures, including the water treatment facility for the Kanpur Development Authority (KDA).

Distance From Kanpur: 3.8 km

Nana Rao Park

Fitness enthusiasts visit Nana Rao Park, one of Kanpur’s most popular tourist destinations close to the Phool Bagh neighborhood. The park, created to honor Nana Sahib’s bravery during the Indian Wars of Independence, also contains monuments of other notable figures who participated in the struggle for Indian independence, including Rani Lakshmi Bai, Tatya Tope, and others. Swimming, badminton, yoga, and morning and evening strolls are popular activities there.

As the site of the slaughter of some 200 British women and children, purportedly at the behest of a courtesan in Nana Sahib’s court, backed by the retaliatory acts of British soldiers of East India Company during the 1857 Indian uprising, the park has enormous historical significance. After a memorial was built to honor the dead, the place was first known as Memorial Well. The memorial had a substantial railing, a “mournful seraph” marble gothic screen, and a crucifix at the well. As part of their penalty for not helping the women and children, the residents of Cawnpore were made to pay £30,000 for the memorial’s construction.

Distance From Kanpur: 5.3 km

Ram Janki Mandir

Ram Janki Mandir, a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman, is one of the most revered locations in Kanpur that honors Ram, Sita, and Lord Hanuman. The temple, which takes its name from the two important Ramayana legendary heroes Ram and Sita, is extremely well-liked by tourists because of its exquisite construction and religious significance. Elegant stone carvings that depict many Ramayana scenes adorn the interior of this shrine. This historic temple is a must-visit location if you’re looking for sites in Kanpur to learn some intriguing facts about Indian mythology.

The Nau Lakha Mandir is another name for the temple (meaning “nine lakhs”). The temple was built for a similar amount of money—roughly 9 lakhs and 9 hundred thousand rupees—hence the name. Tikamgarh’s Queen Vrisha Bhanu established the temple in 1910 A.D. It is believed that Sita dwelt there since a golden statue of Goddess Sita was discovered there in 1657.

According to mythology, it was constructed on the sacred place where Sannyasi Shurkishordas had discovered the statues of Goddess Sita. Shurkishordas, a famous saint and poet, founded the current city of Janakpur and was a proponent of the Sita Upasana (also known as Sita Upanishad) school of thought. According to legend, this is where King Janak (Seeradhwaj) worshipped Shiva-Dhanus.

Distance From Kanpur: 5.1 km

Zoological Park

76.56-hectare zoo in Kanpur is also known as the Allen Forest Zoo, is the biggest in all Northern India. This zoo was built inside a forest and housed its inhabitants in open or moated enclosures, providing adequate room to express their inborn biological and physical traits. The zoo’s attractions include a variety of botanical gardens, a sizable lake, an aviary with vibrant birds, a night house, and a toy train.

Leopards, hyenas, black bears, grizzly bears, sloths, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, monkeys, langurs, baboons, musk deer, zebras, and antelope are among the mammals found in the zoo. Additionally, there are several chimpanzees and orangutans in this area. In addition, the Indian Gharial and Comodo Dragon are among the zoo’s reptiles. Kanpur Zoo veterinarians created the term “WILDOMESTIC” by combining the terms “WILD” and “DOMESTIC” to fill the hole left by the lack of a phrase to describe a wild animal born in confinement. Wildlife enthusiasts, print media, and electronic media have all universally acknowledged and accepted this. Everyone has advocated for its inclusion in many dictionaries.

Distance From Kanpur: 9.4 km

Best time to visit

October – March

The largest city in Uttar Pradesh is Kanpur. Kanpur experiences a long, hard winter from November through January. October to March is ideal for visiting Kanpur and staying clear of the weather. Spring, which lasts from February to March, is also pleased with its breezy weather.

The largest industrial region of North India is located in the city. The city, well-known for its textile, leather, and chemical industries, makes a significant economic contribution to the country.

Nearby hotels to stay

1. The Landmark Towers

2. The Downtown

3. FabHotel Suncity

4. Citi Club

List of Things to carry

  • First Aid Box
  • Packing Cubes
  • A Small, Battery-Operated Fan
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones
  • Some Skin Care Products

Unique Food Options

  • Samrat Chole Bhature
  • Bachaoolal
  • Pappu Samose Waley
  • Baba Biryani
  • Aromas
  • Murli Batashe

Final Words

So why are you still waiting? Discover the unique experiences offered by Kanpur’s tourist destinations and take a captivating trip. Although Kanpur is mostly an industrial city, some intriguing hidden jewels should be explored. We hope you must have acknowledged everything regarding all popular places near Kanpur.


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