Coorg – Soulful Ways To Re-connect With Nature

Coorg, the land of rolling hills, is all about natural beauty and tranquillity. Our indigenous Scotland is known for its surreal splendor, misty sloping mountainsides half-covered by clouds, majestic hilltops, gurgling waterfalls, enticing lakes, aroma-filled spice gardens, and bewitching coffee plantations. The picturesque hill station in the Western Ghats, located in Karnataka, is surrounded by thick, dense forests boasting rich flora and fauna. The visual delight is enough to fill a tired wanderer’s soul with renewed energy. But, away from the daily humdrum, the soul wants a lot more to resuscitate because it is touched by the five sensory elements. Hypnotic and soothing to the eyes, Coorg has been truly blessed by nature to appease a traveler’s auditory, tactile, gustatory, and olfactory senses. The Abbey Falls, Talacauvery, Raja’s seat, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Madikeri Fort, Nisargadhama, Nagarhole National Park, Iruppu Falls, Honnamana Kere Lake, Kotebetta, Mandalpatti, Kutta, Chiklihole Reservoir, Chelavara Falls, Thadiyandamol, Dubare River, and much more.

Soul-enriching things to do and Places to visit in Coorg

Guided tour of a Coorg plantation

Walking through a native coffee or spice plantation sets the mood right for a poignant experience. Here you get to see the local ways of picking, sorting, & processing the freshly-picked coffee beans & the popular South Indian spices.

Check out well-planned guided tours with an experienced travel agent from Coorg. There are many plantation farms in Madikeri where you can start from the basics. For example, you could assess the soil and the terrain and learn about moisture requirements. Amidst the aroma of Indian spices like pepper and cardamom, you can experience the planting, picking, plucking, roasting, drying, and grinding processes of the coffee beans, finally tasting the freshly-brewed coffee. The joy when you meander around the estate can raise the spirit effectively.

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Bathing elephants at the Dubare Elephant Camp

Looking at an elephant at a local zoo and giving a bath to one from the species are two completely different experiences! The Dubare Elephant Camp is a one-of-its-kind elephant home that not just houses several retired inhabitants from the species but gives visitors a chance to get into close interactions with them too. The camp’s location is right on the banks of River Cauvery, wherein you can book a cottage to stay back for the night. Amidst the wilderness, you can opt for jungle safaris, sit around campfires and even give your innate photographer a nudge! But the best and the most enjoyable activity to indulge in here is to bathe the elephants. If you are in love with animals, you would not want to miss out on this fun-filled activity.

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Catch the sun setting after a long day at Raja's seat

The Raja’s seat is quite a popular destination for visitors to Coorg. Touted to be the place from where erstwhile Indian maharajas, kings, princes, and people from the nobility would gather to watch the sunset every day, the place offers intoxicating views of the hill ranges and the valleys around. Enjoy the spectacular views. Being in the city and the maddening crowd would never have allowed you to appreciate this daily natural phenomenon. At Coorg, surrounded by the serene silence, you would want to come back every day to watch the sun bidding ode to Earthlings with the promise to come back again the next day! Raja’s seat has been converted into a beautiful garden with a toy train running around. An ideal way to keep your young ones engaged while you immerse yourself in nature’s beauty.

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Don't miss out on the amazing picnicking spots in Coorg

The admirable exquisiteness of the place makes it one of the best places to go out and laze in the sun. Or, camp out watch the night sky! Coorg has been blessed in this context as it has all the elements blended in the right proportion. Here are some startling places that you must stopover with your picnic bag and camping essentials ready.

​Talacauvery – in the Brahmagiri Hills, River Cauvery originates. The place is known as Talacauvery and is one of India’s most exotic-looking places. Besides the origin of the river is a shrine built for Goddess Kaveriamma. The place is surrounded by rolling hills with man-made steps to reach the hilltop.

Nisargadhama – is an island in the Cauvery River. An ideal locale for a picnic, you can enjoy the place’s essence solo or in a group. From boat and elephant-back rides to wandering through the ecological park and the bamboo groves, you will never know how fast the day went by.

Abby Falls – one of the most scenic places in Coorg is this 70 feet high waterfall. It is a photographer’s dream-come-true location as the hanging bridge opposite the waterfall offers an incredible spot for some stunning clicks.

Lakshmana Thirtha Falls – a cascade of rippling freshwater, the Irrupu Falls is another picnic hotspot here. Amidst the forest trail, it is the perfect place to go into digital detox and distance from everything artificial and man-made.

Chikli Hole – it is a place that seems to be right out of a dream. The Chiklihole Reservoir is located between Kushalnagar and Madikeri. Made out of a tributary of the River Cauvery, this secluded green cover enthralls the mind, soul, and body in the true sense. From watching the herds of cows grazing on the grass to the sun setting, this lush green cover is an ideal place for rejuvenating and relaxing.

Enjoy some local delicacies

Being in Coorg is never complete without relishing the local cuisine. There are two elements: native Kodava food and Tibetan delicacies. Some of the must-try dishes from the Kodovo list include Akki Roti or rice roti, Kommu Curry or mushroom curry, Bamboo Shoot Curry, Pandi Curry (pork), Noolputtu or string hoppers, and more. Not-to-miss dishes from the Tibetan spread include momos or dumplings, rice, and curry at Bylakuppe. After Tibet, this is the largest Tibetan settlement on the globe.

Surrender your fears – time to take up daring activities

Coorg’s natural landscape offers travelers opportunities to indulge in their passion. It also is the chance for visitors to give up their fears and phobias. One such fear is associated with adventurous activities. You do not have to be suffering from neophobia to withhold yourself from the mind-blowing experiences associated with adventure activities. Your Coorg visit is the right time to give up fears, prejudices and release mental blocks. Try out these thrilling activities when in gorgeous Coorg.

  • River rafting in the Dubare River – Dubare River is full of Class I and II rapids. The total stretch available for white water river rafting is 11km, with 18 rafting routes. This tributary of Cauvery is surrounded by thick, dense forest, thus making it more extraordinary and beyond what city life can ever offer. There are instructors, and you are provided with life jackets and other safety equipment – so, let go of your fears and get closer to nature!
  • Trekking – Coorg, with flawless beauty, has some remarkable trekking spots. You can choose to undertake the foot trails as per your convenience and liking. But, at least one of the trails is a must-try for all visitors here. The choices include a half-day trek to Kopatty; a trek to Pushpagiri, the second-highest peak in Coorg; a trek to Tadiandamol Peak, the highest peak in Coorg; and the Kumara Parvatha trek. There are other options too – Nishani Motte, Kote Betta, Brahmagiri Hills, and Galibeedu-Subramanya Trek.
  • Night drive across the winding hills – the night sky of Coorg is as mesmerizing as the daytime scenic beauties. It is a heavenly drive through the hills, and the joy of exploring Coorg during the night is full of excitement. Since it is a hilly terrain, it is best advised to book a night drive journey with an experienced and knowledgeable Coorg tour operator.

Best time to visit Coorg

For a Coorg visit, pack your bags from September to June. This is when the weather is enjoyable, with the mercury dipping further during winters in December and January. However, the temperature never goes below 10°C during the cold season. And, even at peak summers, that is, during May and June, the mercury never shoots beyond 40°C.

It is best to avoid traveling to Coorg from July to September, the rainy season. The place experiences robust rainfall, especially towards the end of the season, between mid-August to September

Things to Carry

  1. Torch, raincoat, and umbrella
  2. Medical kit
  3. Cash as ATM facilities and card payment options are limited.
  4. Light cotton clothes.
  5. Jackets and sweaters to avoid the wind
  6. Sports shoes

Best Places to Stay

  1. Taj Madikeri Resort & Spa
  2. Club Mahindra Virajpet
  3. Coorg Wilderness Resort
  4. Heritage Resort
  5. The Tamara
  6. Welcom Heritage Ayatana
  7. Paddington Resort And Spa

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