Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh’s “Tourist Capital” is known for its rich history and is a popular destination for visitors. The city is packed with tourist spots, from towering forts to gorgeous monuments and exquisite temples. Not only that! The city of Gwalior has contributed significantly to our country’s musical canon.

Tansen honed his skills and bolstered the basis of Indian classical music in this city by composing numerous ragas and Dhrupads. Gwalior’s historical and cultural significance exceeds the limits of verbal expression. In order to fully appreciate the city’s significance in shaping the history and culture of our nation, a visit is required. In this post we will acknowledge all the popular places near Gwalior.

Bateshwar Temple

Distance From Gwalior: 31 KM

Visitors who enjoy architecture will be astounded to see this ancient location only 40 kilometers from Gwalior. A collection of more than 200 temples that the ASI unearthed and renovated are undoubtedly a treasure waiting to be discovered. Most of the temples in Bateshwar were constructed in yellow sandstone by the Gurjara-Pratiharas and are devoted to Shiva, Vishnu, or Shakti.

The Bateshwar constructions exhibit an unusual fusion of several distinct temple architectural styles. They are named for the Bhuteshwar temple, the main Shiva shrine on the property, and the temple of the same name. It’s also worth visiting the surrounding locations of Mitawali and Padawali for some other stunning historical buildings.

Madhav National Park

Distance From Gwalior: 80 KM

The Madhav national park is around 80 kilometers from Gwalior, is a fantastic weekend escape for a genuine animal encounter amidst dense deciduous forests. Animals like as antelopes and Indian gazelles roam the 300 square kilometers of forest and grassland in Madhav National Park.

The Madhav Park offers high quality hotel services and hospitality. This is a great excursion for nature enthusiasts and history lovers because the national park is also home to two stunning lakes deep into the forest and several ancient ruins. With a variety of bird species close to the lake and a thriving wildlife population, you may either spend the day photographing migrating birds at the Sankhya Sagar lake on the outskirts of the forest or take the 2.5-hour jeep trip into it.

Jahangir Mahal

Distance From Gwalior: 122 KM

The Mughal emperor Jahangir, who paid his first visit to Orchha, was honored by the old marvel built in the 17th century by Bir Singh Deo. The Jahangir Mahal in Orchha, which displays Indo-Islamic architecture, is a unique fusion of beauty and rust. The monument is regarded as a symbol of friendship, and the interior’s rusty appearance perfectly captures the feel of a bygone period.

Orchha – An Old Town

Distance From Gwalior: 136 KM
This former Bundela capital on the banks of the Betwa river offers the most worthwhile trip out of all the sights to see nearby Gwalior. The wonderful medieval town of Orchha, with its interesting fort, palaces, temples, and well-known cenotaphs, is only a short three-hour trip from Gwalior. The 14 elaborate cenotaphs, known as chhatris, along the Betwa River’s bank are a sight to see and shouldn’t be missed.

The Jehangir Mahal, Raj Mahal, and Rai Parveen Mahal are all magnificent structures within the island fort of Orchha. The Raja Ram temple is of immense religious significance for the area’s residents. The Chaturbhuj Temple, the Laxminarayan Temple, and the Phool Bagh, including its unusual water ventilation system, are all well worth visiting. The Satdhara, where the Betwa river divides into seven streams, is the ideal location for a brief dip and relaxation after seeing the town.

Bir Singh Palace

Distance From Gwalior: 75 KM

Bir Singh Palace was constructed in 1614 by King Bir Singh Deo and is perched on a hill. The palace’s architecture captures the luxury and exquisite craftsmanship of the past. When seeking locations to visit around Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, those visiting the city for the first time could include this location on their list and experience its beauty.

Chanderi – Scenic Escape

Distance From Gwalior: 120 KM

Located 200 kilometers from Gwalior, Chanderi is a picturesque town surrounded by hills, woods, and lakes. Chanderi, dotted with several historical sites and a significant Jains center, is well renowned worldwide for its exquisite hand-woven sarees and cloth. The magnificent handlooms are the best way to display our nation’s rich cultural history and crafts.

The Chanderi fabric is a treat to wear and admire because of its gossamer silk threads intertwined with exquisite motifs, traditional patterns in vibrant colors, and the iconic gold border. This fascinating town is one of the greatest tourist destinations around Gwalior for people wanting a unique experience when visiting the Chanderi looms and taking in its historical landmarks.

Best time to visit

October to March

October to March are the ideal months for traveling to Gwalior. July and September are also good times if you don’t mind little rain. If you want to take in the Indian classical music concerts, the four-day Tansen Music Festival in November and December is also an excellent time to visit Gwalior.

List of things to carry

  • Sanitizer
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Mask
  • Sleeping Bag Liner
  • Travel Pillow
  • Luggage Bag
  • Portable Charger & Power Surge Protector
  • Filtered Water Bottle

Unique food options

  • Petha Gilori
  • Kachori
  • Karela Chaat
  • Paneer Jalebi

Nearby hotels to stay

1. Neemrana's - Deo Bagh

2. Shri Mahant Hotel Orchha

3. Hotel Sunset

4. Jhansi hotel

Final Words

Overall if you consider yourself a history enthusiast, you should include Gwalior and these specific locations on your itinerary. These locations, without a doubt, provide an fascinating and strange break from Gwalior. Some are best suited for a weekend getaway, while others may be experienced in a single day. In that case, why delay any longer? Gather your stuff and prepare for a trip to Madhya Pradesh, where you may learn about Gwalior city’s rich history.


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