The Ultimate Guide to historical city of gates - Aurangabad

Being an avid traveler, I am most happy when I travel. Though sometimes with work commitments I do not get to travel a lot, however, I wish I get a chance to travel more often and explore many more places in India and abroad. One of the places I visited in recent past was Aurangabad, the city of gates.

City birds eyeview, photo by @makm_photography

When you think about Aurangabad, you get an impression of regal and a place that has an ancient history and that is a fact, because Aurangabad was the capital of Ahmednagar Sultanate back then during the Mughal era. Aurangabad is the 3rd most populous city in Maharashtra and the largest city in the Marathawada Division politically.

I visited Aurangabad a few times and stayed there for a brief period for work. During my stay and various visits to the place, I took some time off to explore this city which I had heard of from my friends and relatives. Aurangabad is a very calm and peaceful city that operates at its own pace unlike some of the other metro cities in India. Aurangabad is famous for its industrial development with one of the major industrial complexes is situated in the district.

A night view of Kranti chowk, one of the central areas of the Aurangabad city, photo by

Best time to visit:

Aurangabad experiences extreme winters and summers that can get soaring high with minimal rains.  I personally love the chilling winters where the temperature drops up to 10 degrees and it is relatively cool throughout. I would suggest carrying foot and neck warmers so that you can stay comfortable in the severe cold. My suggestions are

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However, the summers are unbearable if you are not used to the heat. The temperature rises over 40 degrees.  In my opinion, the best time to visit the city is between October – Feb / March.

Over the years Aurangabad has developed into a modern city with industrial development, the presence of major companies and 5-star hotel properties. The city has impeccable connectivity to important cities of Maharashtra like Mumbai, Pune, Nashik through road, rail and air, and beyond these cities, which is the reason it has developed into a hot tourist’s destination for tourist from India and Abroad too.

Tourist Attractions to explore:

Before exploring the city during my visits, I never knew Aurangabad has so much to showcase to attract tourism, and this was another curiosity that lured me into exploring the city more. There are so many tourist points of interest to explore in Aurangabad most of which date back in history. Some of these places which I visited in the city are

Ajanta & Ellora Caves

A top view of Ajanta caves complex

One of the biggest attractions of Aurangabad district I feel is the ancient Ajanta & Ellora Caves, which are as old as the 5th century. And it is a matter of pride that these caves are tagged as one of the heritage sites by UNESO. Someone who loves rock-cut architecture would fall in love with these ancient caves. This majestic complex housing these caves will surely give a mesmerizing feeling, there are about 35 caves to explore so if you are the one who likes such architectural marvel I advise come here with few hours in hand so you can check out the premises without a rush.

Daulatabad Fort

The strong historical marvel, the Daulatabad Fort, photo by Satheesh Cholakkal

The fort has an aura of its own, once you enter the fort it will take you back to that Mughal era, away from this modern world. The sturdy rock-solid gate to the long courtyard, the bulky canons at the entry will give a feeling of strength and signify how strong the fort would have been in the medieval period and how many threats it would have withstood during its time. It is a wonderful historical monument to check out if you are also an avid fan of history like me.

Bibi ka Maqbara

A long shot of Bibi ka Maqbara taken from the main entrance gate

The first impression when you look at Bibi ka Maqbara is, it is a replica of the great monument of love The Taj Mahal. This is because it was built by Aurangazeb the son of Shah Jahan who built the famous Agra monument. Bibi Ka Maqbara is another major attraction of Aurangabad.

What to do in Aurangabad:

Aurangabad is not only a famous tourist attraction for the numerous tourist spots but also for the famous and booming textile industry that offers one of the finest fabrics in the country. The most famous is the Paithani Saree from a small place called Yeola in Aurangabad district. Paithani Saree is the epitome of the finest work of the skilled labour from the textile industry that has fans all over Maharashtra. So next time you are in Aurangabad you cannot go back without buying one for your loved ones. However, with easy availability over a click, you can even buy online here

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Next to shopping if anything attracts an outsider like me is the food scene in any city I visit. I crave the local cuisine and delicacies, as I feel that when you are in a new place you must try the food that locals eat. Aurangabad has a very mixed food lineage; the food preparation has an influence of Maharashtra as well as Hyderabad, Telangana as it is very close to the state. The locals like their food spicy and the food in this are spicy to very spicy, food that will make you sweat. If you want to dare, you must try the ‘sev bhaji’ and other preparation that is made from the local black masala which makes it spicy, another thing you must try is the Naan Qaliya which is peculiar to Aurangabad.

To sum it up, if you are a history lover, the one city you cannot miss visiting is Aurangabad city.

-By Shekhar K


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